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Piazza San Pietro


Are you looking for an original and cheap way to visit Rome in a few hours? It's simple: walking!

We have prepared a personalized tour for you to see the best of Rome in just 3 walking tours.

Walking through the historic center of the city will in fact offer endless surprises!

You will be able to fully enjoy all the beauties of the capital, thus avoiding super-busy roads with cars and buses.

Wear comfortable shoes! Let's start!



Absolutely unmissable is the walk to the Colosseum along Via dei Fori Imperiali to savor all the taste of ancient Rome: temples, basilicas, public buildings, arches, columns and of course the forums, the large squares built by the emperors.

From Piazza Venezia with the gigantic Vittoriano (we recommend going up to the roof of the Vittoriano with the lift on the back for € 7.00 per person to enjoy a 360 ° view of Rome), you can go up to the Campidoglio, one of the most elegant squares of the city, designed by Michelangelo, offers two panoramic terraces directly overlooking the archaeological area! Absolutely not to be missed is the Caffarelli terrace of the Bar of the Capitoline Museums, accessible even without having to enter the museum, but can be accessed from a side door: In Piazzale Caffarelli, 4, with external access from the Capitoline steps, on the top floor of the splendid building which houses the Capitoline Museums, is the Caffarelli Terrace.

Coming down from the Cordonata, you can continue towards the Jewish Ghetto, an ancient district that still preserves the memory of a centuries-old past. From the Theater of Marcellus to the Portico d'Ottavia and the Synagogue, between narrow and winding alleys, you will reach Piazza Mattei, a pretty square with the Fountain of the Turtles in the center, so called for the 4 turtles made by Bernini.

From here we will go towards Largo di Torre Argentina, famous for the sacred area consisting of four temples from the Republican era, Roman remains among the oldest in the city. Taking via dei Cestari, you will come to Bernini's famous "chick" in Piazza della Minerva, just behind the Pantheon, the ancient Roman temple dedicated to all the divinities, which was later transformed into a church dedicated to the Virgin.

After the visit, we recommend a break in the historic Caffè di Sant’Eustachio, whose recipe is shrouded in mystery!

Last stop, the most famous baroque square in the world: Piazza Navona, where you can admire in all their splendor the Fountain of the Four Rivers by Bernini and the Basilica of Sant’Agnese by Borromini.



Rome is also the city of the Vatican State. It is therefore impossible not to stroll through the places that have transformed the city into the world capital of Christianity. Do not miss the visit of the Vatican Museums, the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter's Basilica, but walking in the area you can discover many other curiosities. From St. Peter's Square, for example, continuing along Borgo Santo Spirito, you will reach the Santo Spirito Hospital founded in the eighth century, with the famous "wheel of exhibits" built by Innocent III in the twelfth century.

From here you will reach Castel Sant’Angelo, the building that from the mausoleum of Emperor Hadrian was transformed into a fortress, into a luxurious papal apartment and finally into a severe prison. Heading towards the historic center, the walk becomes more relaxing: Via Giulia, Via dei Coronari, Campo de 'Fiori and Piazza Farnese are highly recommended stops, until you cross the Tiber to reach Trastevere, the most characteristic neighborhood in all of Rome. Unmissable stop is the Janiculum, the highest point in Rome with a stratospheric view of the Eternal City, every day at 12.00 a cannon shot is fired, not to be missed. A few steps from Piazza Garibaldi (Gianicolo), you will find the Acqua Paola fountain that will amaze you with its majesty and the color of the water .. no diving; )



Rome is an open-air museum and its squares and fountains tell centuries of history. Piazza del Popolo is one of the main entrances to the ancient city and upon entering the Basilica of Santa Maria del Popolo, you can admire two paintings by Caravaggio.

Continuing along the three streets of the trident, you can go shopping in via del Corso, admire some hidden treasures such as the Fontana degli Artisti in via Margutta or rest for a while on the steps of the famous steps of Trinità dei Monti, listening to the delicate sound of the water that flows in the nice Fontana della Barcaccia in Piazza di Spagna. Going up the Spanish Steps, up to Trinità dei Monti, on the left you will find a road, follow it and admire one of the most beautiful views of the rooftops of Rome, go there at sunset, bring something to drink and enjoy the unique show in the world .. at the end of the street you can go up to the famous terrace of Villa Borghese: “il Pincio” and relax in the park's pond where you will find the oldest still functioning water clock.

From here it will then be possible to reach the famous Trevi Fountain, and with a little effort go up to Piazza del Quirinale to admire the grandeur of the palace seat of the Presidency of the Republic and the Fountain of the Dioscuri, only to then descend on the opposite side, reaching so is the Rione Monti, the ancient Suburra of the Roman era.



Fortunately, still today there are some historic Roman trattorias that preserve the ancient flavors of Roman cuisine, defending them with the sword from all attempts at innovation, which for better or for worse, alter all the goodness of typical Roman dishes.

This of course is a list and not a ranking, the order will be purely random.

Where to eat in Rome the real Roman cuisine without spending too much and without running into tourist places.

In these restaurants, if you close your eyes, you will seem to hear Alberto Sordi, Aldo Fabrizi, or Sora Lella chatting by your side ... a real leap into the most authentic Roman past.

For each Roman restaurant I will bring you all the information you need, first of all the price range, so that you can better adjust your choice.

At the end of the article you will also find two maps, one in which we wanted to show all the suggested Roman taverns, so you can quickly get an idea of ​​their distance. On the other map you will find the best restaurants in Rome and the monuments

Are you ready?



Price range: 20-40 €

Danilo's cuisine is something sublime, and obviously his first courses are the masters, above all the fantastic carbonara and cacio e pepe, which here is whipped directly into the cheese wheel! We also recommend its meatballs as an appetizer and the legendary puntarelle.



Price range: 20 - 30 €

A stone's throw from Campo de 'Fiori, we find this typical Roman trattoria, whose flagship is the ladies who make homemade pasta in front of the window. If you can then avoid appetizers and main courses, and throw yourself headlong into the truly monumental first courses. The homemade strozzapreti alla carbonara and their tagliolini cacio e pepe certainly deserve a special mention.



Price range: 40 - 50 €

One of the historic Roman trattorias par excellence. In addition to being an actress, Sora Lella was also an excellent cook, and for this reason her husband wanted to dedicate this place to her in 1959. The restaurant is located right on the Tiber Island, between the Ghetto and the Trastevere district.

Here you will have to book very well in advance, on average the times are about a month ...



Price range: 35 - 40 €

The specialty of the restaurant is of course his majesty, the tonnarello cacio e pepe, with the chambermaid who will whip the pasta on the plate directly at the table before your eyes. Here you will really find all the specialties of Roman cuisine, to try if you haven't tasted the rigatoni al sugo con la pajata yet.



Price range: 30 - 35 €

Typical Trastevere trattoria, very familiar and with a pleasant atmosphere. Here you can experience one of the most Roman dinners in the capital, without the disturbance of the strummer who invade the other more touristy restaurants. The dishes offered are typical of the Roman tradition, even here the portions are super abundant.



Price range: 15 - 25 €

In this tavern, time has stopped in the 60s. Da Augusto is in fact one of the oldest taverns in Trastevere where you can breathe the air of the real Roman trattoria, in a very simple and convivial place, very far from all the other tourist trattorias of the area. Importantly, there is no booking here, so be prepared for long waits before taking a seat on the weekend. Very low prices


TAVERNA ROMANA (Monti / Imperial Forum)

Price range: 25-40 €

All homemade as in the past, excellent first courses, always and only seasonal products, a certainty for here wants to try traditional Roman dishes



Price range: 20-35 €

It is preferable to go there in the summer because it has many tables outside, Roman staff always ready to serve, tonnarello mussels and very good pecorino cheese and perhaps one of the best vaccinated queues for value for money




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