design room for smart people


  • tropical raining shower

  • Design Bed with chromotherapy

  • iPad with Free WiFi

  • Light Control

  • Complimentary Minibar

  • Memory Foam Mattress

  • 4 pillows

  • breakfast included

iCube will surprise you with its specially created bed. It is a big white cube! Inside this cube-shaped structure there is a memory foam mattress… Take a pult (led RGB) and change the colours of your room as you wish. In front of your cube bed you will find a big screen television. Complimentary mini bar also in this room. With our iPad at your disposal and free Wi-Fi connection you can stay ‘on-line’ with all your friends and family also while staying in iRooms.

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iRooms Pantheon & Navona
Piazza del Gesù, 47 - Call +39 06 6784519

iRooms Campo dei Fiori
Piazza del Gesù, 47 - Call +39 06 6784519

iRooms Spanish Steps
via vittoria, 32 - Call +39 06 3222492

iRooms Forum & Colosseum
via baccina, 45 - Call +39 06 89520076


iRooms Central Station

via Merulana, 227 - Call +39 06 62286106

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